Hi! Welcome to The Casual Chess Cafe – diverse, sociable chess for everyone, based in central London, UK and online – and the Queen’s Gambit Chess friendly, interactive online chess courses for women. NEW PEOPLE ESPECIALLY WELCOME! Most people come alone, and you will always find a warm welcome, whether you join us in person or online. The friendships we make are at least as important to us as the chess. 🙂

Join us at our live central London chess cafe, here To join us online, please open a free, no-spam chess account at www.lichess.org then join our team here. Please include a link to a social media account when you join, or watch your lichess inbox for more information.

FREE ONLINE CHESS LESSONS FOR WOMEN, taught by women! 🙂  Most people come alone, all the groups are fun, welcoming and friendly. Lessons are kept simple and empowering – anyone can learn with us.  We offer FREE classes for Absolute Beginners and for women who know how to play, but want to improve, as well as paid courses and workshops – see our schedule here

You can join our paid structured, 6-week courses for women who already know how the pieces move, but would enjoy improving, at any point during the course cycle (each lesson is stand-alone, there is video catch up and there are written notes). We also offer one-off workshops. Proceeds contribute to our work helping more women getting into chess and promoting equality and diversity in chess. More info/sign up for courses here

We run regular free and paid chess lessons, workshops and courses, also mixed-gender lessons, courses and eventsMore info/sign up here To join the wait-list for future courses and/or request a specific mixed-gender or children’s course, please email casualchesscafe@gmail.com

Join our Facebook group to hear about special events and chat about chess https://www.facebook.com/groups/393548150795213/?fref=ts

Please spread the word (on Facebook, Twitter @CasualChess, and tell your friends), thanks.

See you soon!